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Identifying Fraudulent Documents
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From fake temporary registrations to fake international documents, it’s no secret that document fraud is on the rise. Police academies provide minimal (if any) training on identifying fraudulent documents. As a result, officers are routinely left scratching their heads and scrambling to try and verify a questionable or unfamiliar document during traffic stops and investigations; many of which are unable to be confirmed through common law enforcement databases. Criminals are aware of this and continuously capitalize on this lack of training and knowledge, including most notably several of the 9/11 terrorists who utilized fraudulent identifications which sparked nationwide reform.

This course is designed to assist police officers in identifying fraudulent documents they may encounter on traffic stops, patrol, and during routine investigations utilizing law enforcement sensitive anti- counterfeiting measures, simple tools, and other resources. This course focuses on documents which may not be easily recognizable or identifiable through law enforcement databases such as NCIC and NLETS. Students can expect to learn to identify fraudulent state issued temporary registrations, US federal documents, US currency, diplomatic identifications, Canadian and Mexican documents, other international documents, and novelty identifications by gaining a thorough understanding of how a real document should appear. This course will also include examples of fake documents for comparison and reference to further enhance understanding and confidence.

Instructor Matt Lloyd began his law enforcement career in 2008 and is currently assigned as a patrolman in Burlington County, New Jersey, as a traffic safety officer. He is highly trained and is well known for his proactive patrol tactics and extensive knowledge of fraudulent documents. Lloyd has invested hundreds of hours into research and training in identifying fraudulent documents which has aided in countless investigations. Lloyd has received numerous commendations for recovered weapons, narcotics, seized currency, and wanted persons. He was named Officer of The Year by his agency. Lloyd is passionate about police work and training other officers by building their confidence and taking their skills to the next level. He has made a commitment to help police officers everywhere gain a thorough understanding of how to recognize fraudulent documents. This course is meant to aid officers in every capacity, including but not limited to, patrol officers, detectives, and supervisors.

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