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The Gang Game
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This presentation began as a gang investigator’s training in New England. Its popularity grew for its high speed and visual delivery method that eradicated the fear of the boring “cop class.” This presentation is meant to be a perfect complement to “The Gun Game”; however, this presentation focuses exclusively on gang behavior and gang culture. This presentation does not discuss “cases.” Instead, it discusses the mental “understanding” of gang culture, its application, and its influence.

This presentation is intended to be a tool for understanding gang culture in a manner that allows us to be more productive and successful with our street contacts. Presenter Tommy Brooks will focus on the recognition of the presence of gang culture and the role of gangs in the game. The presentation will cover specific examples and ideas regarding how we can use gang understanding to make better contacts and to position ourselves for longevity and success. We will discuss trends, new ideas, and the benefit of thinking differently about the subjects of your investigations. “The Gang Game” will also cover street encounters, rapport, the presence of social media, and the characteristics of the gang game. Moreover, Tommy will discuss how to effectively utilize empathy and psychology to understand how human behavior generally follows predictable patterns so that you can truly understand this portion of your community. This presentation will provide a fresh, current, and realistic perspective on gang intervention with insight from Tommy Brooks’ own former experiences within the Gang Unit and the district. The amount of understanding and confidence officers will take away after the completion of the presentation will serve to be invaluable.

Presenter Tommy Brooks began his career in law enforcement after his honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps (non-combat) in 1998. He started as a Transit cop then became a member of the Boston Police Department. After working primarily in plain clothes units, Brooks joined the Boston Gang Unit as a detective and later, as a Sergeant. While in the gang unit, he has worked making gang cases via informants, undercover work, search warrants, and other investigative means. He has also maintained a working role as an Academy Instructor for many academies throughout Massachusetts. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with the best cops in the nation, and he has received the George L Hanna Award for Bravery from the Governor of Massachusetts, two Medals of Honor, a Medal of Valor, and an Award of Merit from the Governor. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant in the Boston Police Department.

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