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Social Media and Open Source Investigations
  • December 12, 2022
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Street Cop Headquarters
    50 Millstone Rd
    East Windsor, NJ 08520

In some way, every type of criminal investigation involves the internet. Criminal organizations have also been known to facilitate these crimes, by using social media and Open-Source Intelligence in their operations (OSINT). This course is intended to give police officers an in-depth knowledge of how to navigate around all of the major social media networks. The instructor, Nick Jerman, will teach officers how to use the most current Open-Source Intelligence websites and researching techniques. Having this knowledge will save countless hours of trial and error.

This class covers the rise in popularity of social media platforms. Jerman’s course will teach you how to navigate, search and exploit all the major social media networks. Course attendees will learn how to use the most current OSINT websites and searching techniques. “Social Media and Open Source Investigations” will cover lesser-known social media platforms, how to link social media account to your investigative targets, helpful software, and applications that you can use as soon as you leave class, and the ins and outs of writing subpoenas and search warrants for social media data. Jerman will even teach you to extract critical information from the photos that suspects post on their social media accounts!

This innovative course is designed for, and will be beneficial to all ranks of the police agency, from patrol to chief. Officers will be empowered with the ability to quickly and confidently find information on their targets, dig deeper online within their investigations, and keep themselves and their families safe on the internet. Modern issues in politics, policing, and world society drive evolution of social media at an alarming rate, and Jerman’s class is constantly updated to keep you on top of the rapid changes.

Instructor Nick Jerman is a 17-year veteran for a police department in the Washington DC area, and after spending several years in patrol, he accepted a position with the Vice and Intelligence Unit. There he worked tirelessly on human trafficking and prostitution related cases, a majority of which were self-generated via social media. In 2016, Jerman started a Social Media and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Unit for his agency. Jerman’s unit has worked homicide, international drug trafficking, national level intelligence, sexual assault, burglary, human trafficking, and many other types of cases, and routinely helps police officers from his agency as well as allied agencies in writing and obtaining subpoenas and search warrants for social media in all types of investigations. Over 2,000 officers nationally and internationally have benefitted from this Social Media/OSINT training. Jerman has also spoken at numerous Human Trafficking Conferences sharing his expert subject matter.


Nick Jerman

Nick Jerman, an 18-year law enforcement veteran for a 1,300-officer police department in a major Metropolitan area in the United States, worked several years in Patrol as well as Vice. Nick was given the opportunity to start a Social Media and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Unit for his agency due to his proficiency in Social Media and OSINT investigations. This unit has not only assisted Jerman’s agency, but also various agencies throughout the country. Countless officers, detectives, executives, and analysts from all over the country have benefited from Nick’s unique style of training on the topic of Social Media / OSINT investigations.

Nick has trained various Human Trafficking Task Forces from coast to coast operations and participated in recent major events such as Super Bowls and Wrestlemania, where they used Nick’s techniques with Social Media and OSINT to rescue multiple victims of human trafficking, as well as other crimes such as finding drug traffickers, and homicide suspects.


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