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Street Cop Conference 2023
  • April 23, 2023
  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
    2800 Opryland Drive
    Nashville, TN 37214

The 2023 Street Cop Conference will be the law enforcement event of the year! You do not want to miss this career changing event that will consist of a lineup of some of today’s most highly regarded and taught after law enforcement instructors from around the county, as well as several incredibly impactful keynote speakers. Some of our keynote speakers include medal of honor recipient for saving the lives of his squad mates by jumping in front of a hand grenade, and best selling author Kyle Carpenter. Also speaking, the Navy SEAL responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden, and best selling author, Rob O’Neill. FOX News Host and avid police supporter, Tomi Lauren, will be returning along with many more to come!

This conference will equip police officers with a ton of life changing knowledge that will allow them to return to their agencies and make a much more significant impact in their position.  Our previous attendees reported that they could not not believe how much they learned in a 5 day event. This is not some social gathering, this will be a very powerful skill, knowledge and professional character building event. We assure attendees that you will feel amazed at the information you will take away from this conference. Last years conference brought over 1,000 of the country’s top law enforcement professionals together. The 2023 conference is expected to bring in upwards of 2,000 attendees together. We cannot emphasize enough what this experience will be like from us, as a trusted source of high quality law enforcement training. We personally guarantee you will be blown away.


Dennis Benigno

Dennis Benigno is the founder and CEO of Street Cop Training and began formal police instruction in 2012.  His law enforcement career began in 2001 at 19 years of age as an NJ Corrections Officer. In 2004, Benigno became a police officer with the US Park Police Dept. in Washington, DC, and in 2005 moved over to the position of a police officer in one of NJ’s largest municipalities.  He has received multiple awards including but not limited to Lifesaving, Meritorious Service, Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service, Several Letters of Recognition, Leadership awards, and Certificates of Appreciation from several law enforcement organizations.  As a police officer, Benigno has affected over 1,500 arrests and has conducted well over 10,000 motor vehicle stops.  He now leads one of the fastest-growing LEO education companies in the country.

Dennis is recognized as not only an instructor but as a thought leader and influencer in modern-day policing.  His outspoken vision of changing law enforcement for the better has struck the hearts of over 150,000 followers on social media platforms alone.  He has now partnered with several non-profits and works to provide no-cost support to several families and members of the law enforcement community.  


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