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Craig Meyer

Instructor Craig Meyer began his police career in 2013 in the state of New Jersey. He began as a police officer with the two municipalities for the first few years of his career. From there, he transferred to a city police department in the State of Texas where he continues to employ the same proactive police tactics that Street Cop Training was founded upon. After 3 years at his Texas agency, he was promoted to a Patrol Sergeant Position. Craig has also since taken on the roles of Field Training Coordinator and SWAT Team Leader. Craig is no stranger to Street Cop Training as he took his first class in 2014 with Dennis. This lit the fire in Craig and he in turn ran with it and proceeded to have success across both New Jersey and Texas, passing the tools of the trade on to many other officers as time went on.

As a police officer, Craig has affected countless proactive arrests during the course of motor vehicle stops, pedestrian stops, consensual encounters, foot patrols, and bicycle stops. As a sergeant he continues to make time to go out, working the streets with his team, and successfully employing the same tactics he is teaching others in this course. He does not preach tactics that he himself is not also doing each day. Craig is known for his teaching of the “WHY” behind the human behaviors he is teaching cops to look for that lead to quality arrests as well as his perception management school of thought for officer survivability during encounters. What he is most known for though is what he refers to as “The Dying Art” which is what he refers to as proactive foot patrol.

Craig stands behind his “lead from the front” mentality as a supervisor, prioritizes developing his people and believes in fulfilling his greater purpose of helping officers all over the country achieve success in employing proactive policing tactics. This course is essential whether you are just getting out of the academy and picking up new tools or have been on the street for several years and are sharpening the ones you already have.