Jeff Smith

Sgt. Jeff Smith began his law enforcement career in 1991 and has spent 28 ½ as a pro-active street cop. Sgt. Smith began formal police instruction in 1996 and taught Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, Tactics, Taser, Baton, Less Lethal Options, and Drug Enforcement Operations for the next two decades. He has spent 18 years in the Narcotics, Special Enforcement, and Major Crimes Units where he participated in and supervised thousands of felony investigations.  

During his time as a supervisor and detective, his pro-active drug unit was responsible for several thousand arrests and worked with agencies and units at every level all over the Mid-Atlantic region. Smith spent 10 years as a tactical officer with the department’s SWAT team and has been a Crisis Negotiator and Assistant CNT Commander for the department’s SWAT team for 12 years. Smith has earned 18 departmental commendations, 2 Governors citations, and multiple officers of the year nominations. Smith is a court-certified expert witness in drug-related prosecutions. Smith retired as a Sgt. on January 1, 2020.

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