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Jeffrey G. Scholz

Jeffrey G. Scholz is a retired New York State Trooper with over 28 years of experience in law enforcement.

Upon retirement, Jeff was the Senior Investigator for BCI Training at the State Police Academy, responsible for the development, facilitation, and delivery of training programs to over 1,100 New York State Police, (NYSP), Investigators in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, (BCI), as well as programs for over 3,000 uniformed Troopers, recruits, civilians, and outside law enforcement agencies across New York State and beyond. He is certified as a New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Master Instructor for Police Topics. In 2020, Jeff was the recipient of the 2019 New York State Police George M. Searle Award, which is in recognition and acknowledgment of excellence in police training.

Jeff was also the Division Coordinator for the NYSP Crisis Negotiation Program and a Crisis Negotiator since 2006. Throughout his career, Jeff also worked assignments in uniform patrol, Field Training Officer, undercover narcotics work, Sergeant, Investigator, computer crimes, major crimes and was a responder to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on NYC.