Keven Hendricks

Det. Keven Hendricks began his career as a police officer in 2007 as a patrolman with a municipal police department. In 2014, Hendricks was assigned to a federal task force – Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC). In his capacity as a Task Force Officer, Hendricks was part of international cases which targeted individuals, sometimes enterprises, that exploited and extorted children and their families. As part of his duties, Hendricks received cutting-edge training in computer and mobile device forensics as well as training at the forefront of “dark web” investigations. In 2018, Hendricks was transferred and reassigned to another federal task force in New Jersey to bring his “dark web” and cyber-crime knowledge to combat the rising threat of narcotics procured from “darknet markets”. In 2020, Hendricks was a presenter at Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement (J-CODE) conference and is currently a member of the USSS NJ Cyber Fraud Task Force (CFTF). Hendricks is a published author with the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin regarding investigating scam phone calls and voice over IP (VoIP) investigations.

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