Wayne Comegno

Wayne Comegno is a Certified Public Accountant with approximately 20 years of business experience in law enforcement industries, which has provided a diverse knowledge base that is very uncommon.  Comegno entered the business world through employment as an Auditor with a “Big Four” accounting firm after graduating college in 1999. Comegno underwent a career change in 2005 by obtaining employment with a municipal police department in the State of New Jersey and graduating from the Burlington County Police Academy.

Comegno was the Financial Crimes Detective for a NJ County Prosecutor’s Office, during which time he received multiple awards, including the 2010 Police Officer of the Year, Burlington County Police Academy Academic Achievement Award, Burlington County Police Academy Leadership Award, multiple Letters of Commendation, Unit Citations and Letters of Recognition. Additionally, Comegno has conducted or  participated in hundreds of financial, civil and criminal investigations involving financial statement audits, audits of internal controls, policy and contract violations, homicides, armed robbery, assault, burglary, sexual assault, theft, embezzlement, firearms violations, fraud, computers crimes and the possession, use and illegal trafficking of controlled dangerous substances.

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