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Brad Gilmore

Detective Brad Gilmore began his career as a patrol officer in a Bergen County municipal police department. While working as a “small town cop” Gilmore quickly became extremely proficient at intercepting large amounts of contraband from criminal motor vehicle stops.  In addition to over 400 hours of hidden compartment training Gilmore has invested thousands of hours studying the areas for which his expertise lies.

Gilmore was quickly recognized for his exceptional skills and abilities and is now employed as a County Detective assigned to the narcotics investigation’s division. This division focuses on the interception of large quantities of contraband on New Jersey roadways. In the last 4 years, Gilmore has been responsible for the seizure of millions of dollars in US currency, and several dozen kilograms of illegal narcotics. He is also the Vice President of the NJ Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. In 2019 Gilmore was deemed a Court Certified Hidden Compartment  & Drug Trafficking Expert. Brad is hands down one of the best instructor’s there has ever been. 

Vic Galarza

Det. Vic Galarza began his law enforcement career in 2011 and is currently a decorated detective and task force officer in the southwest region of Colorado. Galarza has personal accounts of many Mexican cartels dating back to the Guadalajara Cartel and has investigated members of the Los Zatos, Sinaloa, Golfo, La Familia Michoacana, and Tersera Hermandad cartels. Additionally, he was a Mexican diplomat in the United States bearing an A-1, and later G-1, a diplomatic status that allowed him to train with the Mexican Navy, Army, and Mexican Estado Mayor Presidencial.

In 2018, Galarza founded the Vigilance Project to provide information to law enforcement officers in criminal investigations, local and federal narcotics investigations, arson, and trafficking investigations. Furthermore, Galarza is the proud recipient of two Distinguished Service Awards and a Meritorious Service Award for bravery.

Sean Grogan

Sean Grogan is a former special investigations detective that spent his career with the Woodbridge, N.J. Police Department. In addition to spending the majority of his career in the narcotics unit as a detective, Sean was a K-9 handler and gang investigator. He has conducted countless narcotics investigations and has assisted numerous agencies with various types of investigations. As a narcotics detective, he utilized many confidential informants and executed a variety of search warrants resulting in numerous arrests and narcotics and currency seizures.

Sean Grogan has completed extensive training in Europe on micro-facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal communication which he was able to utilize during his career in law enforcement during countless interviews. He also earned his trainer’s certification from the Body Language Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. Due to Sean’s skills and experience, he was recruited by Joe Navarro’s Body Language Academy, for which, he provides mentor services.

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