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Scott Kivet

Sgt. Scott Kivet began his career as a police officer in 2003 on Long Beach Island and then transitioned to his full-time career at a Mercer County municipality where he became proficient in narcotics and DWI enforcement. Kivet was given the opportunity to be a part of the Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, which was followed by starting a proactive criminal interdiction unit, and has seized some of the largest self-initiated drug seizures in Mercer County, NJ. Additionally, he has been instructing officers at all levels in their careers for over ten years on conducting proactive motor vehicle stops involving illegal narcotics.

Kivet, a certified Drug Recognition Expert, has generated over one thousand self-initiated arrests, with over 750 arrests involving the enforcement of narcotics and DWI, and received several distinguished awards, including, but not limited to multiple lifesaving awards, two Top Gun awards for DWI, and meritorious awards given by the Mayor, Chief of Police and County Prosecutor’s Office for his work with narcotic enforcement.

Brian Konopka

Brian Konopka is a Highway Criminal Interdiction officer tasked with conducting criminal interdiction efforts on a series of our nation’s Interstates. Konopka has invested over six hundred hours of training into studying criminal interdiction. He has personally seized dozens of kilograms of narcotics, including over one hundred fifty pounds of cocaine, hundreds of pounds of marijuana, over one million dollars in United States Currency, and thousands of cartons of cigarettes. Prior to serving as a Police Officer, Konopka served in the United States Marine Corps deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After returning home, he obtained a Master of Science Degree in Homeland Security where he specialized in Terrorism and Security Studies.

John Krewer

Street Cop Instructor John Krewer has been serving in a major city police agency for 14 years. Early in his career, Instructor Krewer was assigned to a tactical street team and led the team in firearms arrests. After his assignment in the tactical squad, Krewer moved to the Criminal Intelligence Unit where he
investigated and indicted dozens of high-profile violent gang members with charges ranging from narcotics trafficking to murder. 

John Krewer was recruited into a federal Violent Crimes Task Force where he is still actively assigned. In his time as a TFO in the Violent Crimes Task Force. Street Cop Instructor John Krewer has investigated major narcotics trafficking organizations, closed numerous major racketeering investigations, seized multiple kilos of controlled substances, firearms, and major currency seizures. John has used various techniques in his investigations including confidential informants, pole cameras, tracking devices, physical surveillance, undercover operations, pen registers, and TIII wiretaps. He has also been involved in homicide investigations, murder for hire cases, kidnapping investigations, and various other high-level conspiracy cases. 

Street Cop Instructor Krewer regularly trains new agents assigned to his task force. He has training in surveillance, counter surveillance, diplomatic protection, terrorism, advanced narcotics investigations, and active shooter response. Come learn from the best!

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