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Cory Rodriguez

Instructor Cory Rodriguez has been a police officer since 2007 at a state agency in New Jersey. Instructor Rodriguez is a supervisor in an auto theft task force and has been investigating auto theft for over 10 years. He has been involved in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of trans-national auto theft trafficking suspects and street-level auto theft targets for first, second, and third-degree offenses. Instructor Rodriguez completed the New York City Police Department’s Auto Crime School, INTERPOL’s Project Formatrain, is an International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Certified Vehicle Crime Specialist, a Certified Berla Vehicle Systems Investigator, and a Certified Fraud Examiner. He is the 2nd Vice President of the Northeast Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Vehicle Crimes Committee, and a member of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators – National Motor Vehicle Title Information System law enforcement subcommittee.

Tom Rizzo

Captain Thomas Rizzo is one of the profession’s most acclaimed speakers. He has been an inspirational presenter on leadership theories for several years at police academies, universities, symposiums, and most notably for the Command & Leadership Academy based upon the West Point Military Academy.

Ken Rice

Ken Rice is an NYPD Sergeant, as well as an admitted attorney assigned to his department’s Legal Bureau. In this role, he advises everyone from patrol officers to high-level executives on a wide range of legal issues, including during rapidly unfolding situations such as large-scale demonstrations. He began his career in law enforcement in 2008 as a civilian attorney for the NYPD before going through the Police Academy and becoming a sworn police officer in 2012. Ken spent his time on patrol as a police officer and as a sergeant in the Midtown South Precinct, one of the busiest precincts in the world, and he has also worked in the Police Commissioner’s Office.

Drawing on his nearly fifteen years of experience with the largest municipal law enforcement agency in the nation, he explains complicated legal issues in a manner that anyone can understand. Ken has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Pennsylvania State University, a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School, and an M.P.A. from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is a New York State-certified Division of Criminal Justice Services General Topics Instructor, and he has taught law enforcement officers on both the federal and state levels.


Instructor Rios served his country for six years in the United States Navy. Rios began his law enforcement career working as a Patrolman in 2010 and attended a Street Cop Training criminal interdiction class shortly after. Instructor Rios went on to become a narcotics detective in 2014 with a Prosecutor’s Office. In 2018, Rios was awarded Detective of the Year for his agency.  During his time as a Narcotics Detective, Instructor Rios has been assigned to several Federal Task Forces as a Case Agent and Undercover. He has conducted over 200 undercover operations for various local, state, and federal agencies. In 2020, Rios was named Undercover Officer of the Year by a state narcotics officers association. Instructor Rios has conducted dozens of high-level felony cases and has been the affiant on numerous TIII (Wiretap) investigations. In 2020 Instructor Rios was awarded a commendation for outstanding performance in a federal case involving major seizures of cocaine and heroin as a Case Agent.

Instructor Rios is currently an instructor at two police academies and he is an instructor for a state Undercover Narcotics Investigator Training (UNIT) course. Between being a Case Agent and Undercover, Instructor Rios has seized over 100 kilograms of narcotics. He is currently an active undercover officer for a federal task force regularly conducting multi kilo undercover deals in an effort to thwart those that wish to poison American Citizens for profit!

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