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Buyin’ Dope – Tactics for Undercover Ops
  • October 10, 2022
  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • New Castle, PA
  • 225.00

Complacency is a bitter enemy when you come to work in jeans and a t-shirt every day. Our skillsets must be on point in the undercover game! “Buyin’ Dope: Tactics for Undercover Ops” is designed for law enforcement officers and supervisors that work in undercover capacities buying illegal drugs, guns, stolen property, human trafficking cases and other undercover operations. Taught by instructor Sgt. Jeff Smith, this course will focus on the operational details of the undercover buy that could be the difference between successful operations and critical incidents for the undercover detective and the supporting team. Showing up for work in jeans and a t-shirt is cool, but doing the job right, catching the bad guy and getting home safe is the ultimate goal!

Instructor Sgt. Jeff Smith is a veteran of thousands of undercover operations and this class will focus on tactics to execute these operations in a safe and prudent manner while still getting after the criminals. The course will include operational debriefs of multiple high profile undercover operations and many lesser-known ops to stress the learning points from these ops. “Buyin’ Dope: Tactics for Undercover Ops” covers “The Process of Professionalism”, choosing your team, team and individual gear, vehicles, “Desk Recon”, “Patterning” your target, safety considerations and operational security with informants, operational planning, money management, individual assignments and responsibilities for supervisors and team leaders, undercover detectives, the surveillance team, the rescue / arrest team, the data officer, smart buy / bust operations, follow up buys, preventing “The Rip”, Small Unit Leadership, specialty unit training hours and suggestions and much more!

Now retired instructor Sgt. Jeff Smith began his career in law enforcement in 1991 and spent almost 29 years on the job. Smith’s police career focused heavily on drug enforcement and safety unit considerations. He spent a total of 18.5 years in the Criminal Investigation Division and worked as a Detective, Detective 1st Class, Corporal and Sergeant in the Narcotics Unit, where he was a supervisor for a total of 10 years. The unit was also cross designated as members of the county drug task force, and his unit has worked cases with DEA, FBI, HSI, US Customs, the Maryland State Police, the Delaware State Police, the Virginia State Police and many other agencies all over the region. During his time in drug enforcement, Smith participated in thousands of operations both as a detective and supervisor and helped design and implement numerous long-term undercover operations that resulted in many arrests. Additionally, Smith’s unit was often responsible for, and regularly trained for, their own tactical operations in open air buy bust operations, rolling buy bust operations, long term round-up operations, vehicle involved arrests and takedowns, officer and informant rescue and other tactical operations. In addition to drug enforcement, Smith has extensive experience in defensive tactics, officer survival and use of force instruction, spent over a decade as a tactical officer with the department’s SWAT team, and spent 12 years as a Crisis / Hostage Negotiator. He received 18 departmental commendations and awards in his career and 6 Officer of the Year nominations.

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Buyin’ Dope – Tactics for Undercover Ops
October 10, 2022
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