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Criminal M.A.P.P. Training
  • October 14, 2022
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Russell, KS
  • 225.00

What methods are criminal organizations and individuals using that are unbeknownst to most law enforcement agencies? Street Cop Training’s Criminal M.A.P.P. (Motel, Airport, Parking Lot, Parcel) Training will take criminal interdiction a step further, and open student’s eyes to things they have never seen before. This training is extremely useful and another great tool for all law enforcement officers to have in their fight against crime.

Taught by Instructor Michael Vaccaro of the PSP, he is extremely knowledgeable and has an uncanny ability to communicate the exact steps to successful criminal encounters and investigations. The course will discuss and provide in-depth details on the common criminal trends and smuggling tactics used at these facilities and locations. The student will be educated on why and how drug trafficking organizations are exploiting major courier services to engage upon and operate their illegal businesses. Students will focus on how to initiate a thorough investigation at a hotel/motel, from establishing sources of information and common tactics to effecting an arrest and further court proceedings. If you have a hotel in your area, this is going to be a huge eye opener for you.

The parking lot interdiction portion of the program will give police officers perspective on how and what crime is being conducted in public parking lots designed to blend in with normal everyday society. Big box parking lots down to gas stations are hot spots for criminal activity and transactions. Vaccaro will walk students through a thorough look at what he and his team have been intercepting at major airports. Attendees will be shocked by the amount of contraband that is still being trafficked in commercial air travel.

This course will provide officers with the tools and available resources to establish their own parcel interdiction program. The amount of US currency being shipped through all major courier services is astounding. Simple techniques and investigations being used at locations like UPS store fronts have yielded extremely large seizures of contraband and confiscated US currency. The forfeited and seized monies can then be used to fund continued crime fighting efforts. Students will be provided with example search warrants to aid them in opening, searching, and seizing the parcel after probable cause has been established. Vaccaro provides detailed training, using many visual resources to ensure that the student has a very practical skillset to implement immediately. As always, the methodology is legal and utilized by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. We will provide legal direction to ensure that the attendee has a very thorough understanding of law and case law compliance.

Instructor Michael Vaccaro is a Pennsylvania State Trooper assigned to their Specialized Interdiction Unit. Earlier in his career as a patrol division trooper, Vaccaro was quickly recognized for his interdiction skills and abilities. Prior to being assigned to the specialized Interdiction Unit, Vaccaro served as a Field Training Officer. Vaccaro has been personally responsible for the seizure of over 1 million dollars in United States currency, numerous kilograms of illegal narcotics, and several hundred pounds of Marijuana. His interdiction skills and abilities led to numerous significant seizures and arrests.

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