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Interview and Interrogation
  • November 10, 2022
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Lake City, SC
  • 299.00

This course will transform and enhance the way you conduct interviews and interrogations throughout your career. “Interview and Interrogation” will provide effective methods used to interview victims of crimes and witnesses while teaching attendees how to detect deception and obtain confessions from individuals who are withholding the truth from the officer. Throughout this course, students will learn the differences between an interview and an interrogation, how to conduct a proper interview, how to prepare for a lucrative interrogation, and the characteristics of a successful interview and interrogation. Instructor Erik Baum will use his many years of experience in behavioral analysis to teach the different verbal and non-verbal cues that someone will display during their interview and/or interrogation. He will furthermore share his in-depth knowledge of human behavior pertaining to truth and deception as well as impart an understanding of the reasons why people lie and overcoming those reasons.

By the completion of “Interview and Interrogation” students will have the ability and assurance to enter into any interview or interrogation and feel confident in their abilities to ascertain the truth and obtain a confession from a deceptive individual. Attendees will also have an understanding of custodial and non- custodial interrogation legal guidelines, Miranda and constitutional rights, and the use of the polygraph and its effect on interviews and interrogations.

Instructor Lt. Erik Baum began his career at the Bergen County New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office and retired after over twenty-five years of service as the Lieutenant in charge of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit and the Coordinator for Bergen Counties CART (Child Abduction Response Team). Baum served on several investigative units during his career including the Narcotics Task Force, the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit, Fugitive Squad, the Special Victims Unit, and others. Baum is also a certified polygraph examiner having attended the Texas Department of Law and Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School and the Federal Bureau of Investigations Advanced Polygraph Training Class. As a polygraph examiner , he has conducted several hundred criminal issue polygraph examinations. Additionally, he has been certified as a police instructor in the State of New Jersey by the New Jersey Police Training Commission. Baum continues to be the primary instructor for on interviews and interrogation tactics.

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