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The Narc
  • December 9, 2022
  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Orland Park, IL
  • 225.00


This class is the real deal. Learn about life as a narcotic detective from a real-life drug cop that has done undercover work with inner city gangs all the way up to high level international drug trafficking organizations. Instructor Rios has been a Case Agent and has done undercover work on the local, state, and federal level. When you make your motor vehicle stop narcotic seizures, you’re usually making those seizures before or after the transaction. So what happens in the middle? What does a narcotic transaction look like? What techniques can be used to climb the ladder in narcotic investigations?

This class is being presented by a subject matter expert for cops that want to understand the high-level dope game, cops that want to work in narcotics or any kind covert assignment, supervisors and team leaders that may utilize undercover detectives, and any police officer that wants to understand the life of a Narc and learn the current drug trends. Instructor Rios will help students understand what a high-level drug deal and money drop looks like. This criminal activity is happening in your local jurisdictions every day. Learn how to think like a suspect and when to use an undercover detective or informant that is right for the investigation. Additionally, Rios will help students understand the stressors that are associated with working in undercover assignments.

Rios teaches this course using real life videos of high-level drug deals. Rios also provides insight into the actual tools that narcotic officers and undercover detectives can use and explains the terminology of this craft. Instructor Rios and his class The Narc will give you a peek into the world of narcotics, through the eyes of an undercover.

Instructor Rios served his country for six years in the United States Navy. After the Navy Instructor Rios began his law enforcement career in 2010. He worked at a local police agency for 3 years as a Patrolman. During his time at that agency, Instructor Rios attended a Street Cop Training criminal interdiction class and started doing criminal interdiction work on a major state highway. Instructor Rios went on to become a detective with a Prosecutor’s Office. In 2018, Instructor Rios was awarded Detective of the Year for his agency. Rios became a Narcotics Detective in 2014.

During his time as a Narcotics Detective, Instructor Rios has been assigned to several Federal Task Forces as a Case Agent and Undercover. Instructor Rios has gained extensive experience in high level narcotic operations. He has conducted over 200 undercover operations for various local, state, and federal agencies. In 2020, Rios was named Undercover Officer of the Year by a state narcotics officers association. Instructor Rios has conducted dozens of high level felony cases and has been the affiant on numerous TIII (Wiretap) investigations. In 2020 Instructor Rios was awarded a commendation for outstanding performance in a federal case involving major seizures of cocaine and heroin as a Case Agent. Instructor Rios is currently an instructor at two police academies and he is an instructor for a state Undercover Narcotics Investigator Training (UNIT) course. Between being a Case Agent and Undercover, Instructor Rios has seized over 100 kilograms of narcotics. He is currently an active undercover officer for a federal task force regularly conducting multi kilo undercover deals in an effort to thwart those that wish to poison American Citizens for profit

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