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One of a kind training

Extremely well organized! It is clear that Matt has spent a ton of time putting this material together. I would say continue what you’re doing because the hard work certainly does not go unnoticed. This is truly a one of a kind training that you just won’t find anywhere else and if you do, it certainly won’t be this much material all in one day.

Eye opening

This class opened my eyes to other avenues of criminal interdiction that I would have never considered before. This is the kind of outside the box thinking that law enforcement needs right now and the kind of results the public expects from us.

… it was that good!

Michael did a fantastic job with this class, he kept the class engaged and interested. I honestly would not change a single thing. I actually want to take the class again because it was that good. I told my entire section they need to take this class when it is offered in our area again. Well done.


Mike was great! He really showed us that he feels strongly about his work and getting jobs done. His motivation was also key to my learning. I cannot learn from someone who doesn’t want to teach. Mike is a boss

Did not disappoint!

As always, Street Cop Training did not disappoint! There were several K9 handlers in this class, myself included. Several K9 related questions came up during the COI, related to distractors that traffickers use and how most handlers train with them…which led to group discussion…always a bonus to share information!