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Explosive Incident Response For The Street Cop, Supervisor and Command Staff
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Critical incidents involving actual and perceived threats with explosives are on the rise in the United States. Large scale events such as the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing and the Olympic Park Bombing in Atlanta often come to mind when discussing bombings in the U.S. However, many of these critical incidents never reach the level of national media attention. Swatting, bomb threats, homemade explosive device incidents, suicide bombers, and makeshift methamphetamine lab operations are happening on a daily basis in all of our neighborhoods. This class covers the responsibilities of the patrol officer, supervisory officer and command staff when handling critical incidents involving explosives. The course will provide attendees with a basic understanding of explosives, trends in the area of explosive incidents, and how to properly respond and handle these incidents from various levels of the chain of command of an agency. Through his real life experiences as a seasoned bomb safety technician and through various case studies, the instructor will fill in the educational and training gaps in this increasing trend in the area of public safety.

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