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Fundamentals of Report Writing
  • October 11, 2024
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Hobart Police Department
    705 E. Fourth St.
    Hobart, IN 46342

This course is intended to strengthen an officer’s report writing skills regardless of their time on the job. Most officers have not taken a report writing course since attending their Basic Police Academy Training Class. Report writing is one of the most basic and critical functions that all police officers will use a great deal on the job. Yet, little time is invested in sharpening and improving this essential function of police work.

Topics: Common Errors Such as Sentence Fragments, Run-on Sentences, and Misplaced Modifiers; Proper Comma Placement; Proper Use of Apostrophes; Pronoun Usage; Proper Capitalization; Subject- Verb Agreement; Common Spelling & Usage Errors; The Importance of Writing in Active Voice vs. Passive Voice; Writing in First Person vs. Third Person; Including Objective Facts vs. Subjective Opinions; and how to properly review a report before final submission. The instructor will use interactive tools and activities to keep each student engaged. Students will also see real examples of well-written reports and will have the opportunity to see how an effective report is written through scenario-based training. Officers will leave this class feeling more confident in their report writing skills by using the simple and engaging techniques taught throughout the course.

The instructor, Mark Tagliareni, started his career in law enforcement in 1996. Tagliareni began his career as an officer with the Bergen County Probation Department. While working as a probation officer, Tagliareni wrote detailed violation of probation reports and spent dozens of hours in Superior Court testifying to these reports. He began working for the Wyckoff Police department in 1998 and retired in December 2022. As a member of the Wyckoff Police Department, he made hundreds of arrests and was consistently recognized for his proactivity and communication skills. Tagliareni was promoted to sergeant in 2016, and he was the Officer in Charge of the Records Division and coordinated the department’s criminal interdiction unit. Sergeant Tagliareni holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Delaware and a Master of Arts in Education from Seton Hall University.

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