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July 13, 2022

Duncanville PD Shoots Would-be Summer Camp Shooter

At 8:43 AM CDT on June 13, 2022, the Duncanville Police Department received a multitude of calls about an armed man entering the Duncanville Fieldhouse. The Duncanville Fieldhouse was being utilized for a summer camp program. The camp had more than 150 children present as well as adults conducting various camp activities. No less than three weeks ago and 350 miles away in Uvalde, the haunting reminder of a deadly shooting still loomed over the area. 

Officers of the Duncanville Police Department sprang into action. They arrived on the scene at the Duncanville Fieldhouse about 120 seconds after being dispatched. They dismounted their vehicles and went directly into the building. 

Michelle Arias, a spokesperson for the Duncanville PD, stated that “Officers located a subject armed with a gun and engaged the subject,” She also added that “The subject was struck (by gunfire).”

With the suspect down and no longer a threat, the Duncanville Police Officers attempted to perform life-saving measures on the assailant. Instead, the would-be mass shooter was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

None of the children were harmed during the incident. Once the building was secure, the children met their parents at a nearby recreation center. 

Without knowing more details than what we have above, it is clear that this is a shining example of how to handle an active shooter call. Comparing this to the shooting three weeks ago at the Robb Elementary school would be easy. However, not all the news has come to light on the matter. Both events are fresh and still are part of an active investigation. It will be disingenuous to compare the two without having all the information first.

With that being said, as the facts and circumstances continue to come into the light from this attempted shooting and the Uvalde shooting, we will consider the parallels. Once there are enough facts, we will adequately compare and contrast these events. However, at first glance, it appears that the Duncanville Police Officers performed at an exemplary level. 

The only casualty was the bad guy.