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LEO Training

Law Enforcement Vehicle Ops
  • October 9, 2023
  • 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Lafayette Police Department – Indiana
    601 Columbia St.
    Lafayette, IN 47901

The Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations 1 Course showcases foundational thinking/habits/approaches to increase your situational awareness while conducting daily tasks involving vehicles. There will be multiple discussion points, critical analysis of bodycam/dashcam footage, practical exercises/walk throughs, and foundational teaching points you can take back to your agency/squad/partners to apply in the real world. You’ll be introduced to the concepts of Task Organization, and best practices related to Tactics – Techniques – Procedures (TTP’s) for patrol response utilizing vehicles to maximize your advantages.

Whether one week out of the academy or getting ready for your final day on-the-job, much of our time is spent in and around vehicles. Whether responding to hot calls for service, proactive patrol car stops, or complex-planned operations we have developed habits that need to be addressed in how we view, plan, conduct, and process critical incidents. It is inevitable that during the course of your career you will have a critical incident in some capacity involving a motor vehicle. Will you be prepared?


Chance Cooper

Instructor Chance Cooper is the Chief Operations Officer for G & P Armory LLC and Sergeant with the Bates City Missouri Police Department. He obtained his undergraduate at Boise State University with BS in Criminal Justice. Was a part of the Criminal Justice Honors Society Alpha Phi Sigma as a board member. He began his career in a municipality in the Kansas City, MO Metro, lateralled to the Sheriff’s Office where he served in a myriad of capacities. He was active in Patrol, Field Training Officer, Proactive Street Crime Unit, Judiciary/Personal Security Liaison, SWAT Team Assistant Team Leader/Instructor, Task Force Officer/Case Agent for the United States Marshal Service/FBI Career Criminal Task Force, Kansas City Metro Counter Terrorism Response Board Member/Instructor and co-founded Holistic Solutions Group LLC. A majority of Instructor Cooper’s career was centered around vehicle operations. From patrol stops to counter terrorism operations, his experience and knowledge reaches both spectrums of the Law Enforcement realm. The foundation of what the Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations curriculum is based on the simple phrase “there is no magic!” Concepts, Tactics, Techniques, and Principles will be broken down so the simplest level of answering a call for service, then showing how, if foundations are laid correctly, Officer’s will apply those same ideas to major critical incidents they might be faced with.


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