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June 4, 2022

EyeDetect by Converus

Technology is advancing every single day, even in the law enforcement profession. Officers who patrolled the streets in the 90s will tell you that they didn’t have half the tools at our disposal today. Some of the technology we have at our disposal today has made the law enforcement profession safer and helped officers solve tough cases.

For example, what if you could tell that a person was lying to you just by looking at their eyes? Well, that is a problem tech company Converus claims to solve with their revolutionary EyeDetect technology. Converus claims that research has shown lying to cause involuntary changes in the eyes because lying is more cognitively demanding than telling the truth.

With the EyeDetect technology, a job candidate, criminal suspect, or anyone who takes the exam will sit in front of a computer and answer true or false questions. The EyeDetect software will monitor changes in eye behavior of the test taker with a high-definition camera. The test is non-invasive, which means there are no cables or sensors attached to the exam subject. Upon completing the test, an algorithm analyzes the data from the person taking the test. This classifies them as either “truthful” or “deceptive” in as little as 5 minutes with 90% accuracy. 

There are different options for the software. For example, the Directed Lie Comparison (DLC) test used in criminal investigations allows law enforcement to use EyeDetect in many cases such as sexual assault, murder, sexual abuse of a child, domestic abuse, drug use, espionage, terrorism, and any other criminal behavior.

Even better, in 2018, EyeDetect was used in a jury trial as evidence in a sexual assault case in New Mexico. With polygraph and voice stress tests being inadmissible in court, EyeDetect has a precedent of admission into evidence, which speaks volumes about the EyeDetect software, especially when considering the severity of the crimes investigated.

Maybe Converus is correct, and eyes are the windows to the soul after all.

Feel free to check out Converus at the link below and read more about it.