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July 11, 2022

Firearms Training for Law Enforcement Officers

We, as police officers, need to invest time and money into training. Our mission is simple: SAVE LIVES. That includes the communities we protect, our families, teammates, coworkers, and of course ourselves. All of this is something I take very seriously, and I train weekly to be prepared in case I need to use that firearm to protect someone. Protecting the innocent is a task that we all should take very seriously. 

Most police agencies don’t or aren’t able to invest time and money into firearms training for their officers. Qualifying twice a year is the minimum that is required by the state. Due to staffing constraints or budget limits, paying extra for quality firearms training makes more sense than spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in lawsuits. 

A few years ago, a nearby agency had an officer-involved shooting. The officers’ training records were requested during the investigation and civil proceedings. The agency provided the officer’s qualification records, and there were no other records of that officer having any additional training since the police academy. 

I have been a police officer for the past 14 years. For the last seven years, I have served as the senior firearms instructor for my agency. I also served seven years with a regional SWAT team, where I served as a firearms instructor for the team. Because I believe that the instructor should also always be a student, I attend multiple courses from reputable instructors each year to continually advance my skills and bring excellence to the training you will invest in when you take my class.