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May 20, 2022

Florida Has Some Stiff Competition: Australia Man Sentenced for Having Sex During High-Speed Police Chase.

Everyone is familiar with the now mainstream, and often hilarious, “Florida Man” news reports, which at times seem so ridiculous that you are forced to pause for a moment and consider if what you’re reading or watching is real. Well, a new challenger has seemingly stepped into the ring with a ridiculous news report of their own.

ABC’s Australian affiliate reported Monday that a South Australian magistrate has the decision by a man and woman to have sex during a high-speed police chase as, “extraordinary.”

Joshua James Childs was sentenced on Monday by a Mount Gambier Magistrates Court for aggravated escape from police pursuit in 2021 as well as an assault case from 2020. Mr. Childs was sentenced to 9 months of home detention for the two incidents.

Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos stated, “I have never in my time as a magistrate heard that whilst somebody was engaged in a police pursuit, they also engaged in sexual intercourse.”

The court listened to the account of how police attempted to stop Mr. Childs twice for speeding and observed a female passenger in the vehicle. Childs evaded police until a third time when police located the vehicle and were able to deploy road spikes in an effort to stop the vehicle, successfully puncturing 3 out of 4 tires.

Childs refused to stop and continued driving until the vehicle was driving on metal rims gouging the road’s surface. Police again deployed road spikes flattening the last tire on the vehicle. Childs again refused to stop driving.

With all 4 tires deflated and the vehicle running on the rims, police witnessed the female passenger climb over and straddle Childs in the driver’s seat blocking his view. Police then described observing the female beginning to move in an “up-and-down motion” appearing to be engaged in sexual intercourse with Childs. The vehicle eventually came to a stop and Childs was taken into custody without further incident.

Childs was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment to be served by way of home detention for the extracurricular pursuit. Childs was given 2 months for the September 2020 assault which took place when Childs knocked a man off his bike while he was dropping his child off at the Melaleuca Park Primary School. Mr. Childs allegedly chased the victim onto the school grounds and punched him in the head multiple times.