Rich Bruno

Rich Bruno is currently a full-time police officer in the State of New Jersey with 14 years of experience. Rich is a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and a certified Police Assault Rifle Instructor. He is the senior Firearms Instructor for his law enforcement agency, as well as a certified instructor for police assault rifle, pistol red dot, active shooter, defensive tactics, taser, OC, handcuffing, Monadnock expandable baton, and a certified Smith & Wesson Armorer and Colt M16/M4 Armorer.

Rich has been a member of a Regional SWAT Team where he previously served the primary assault team, Firearms Instructor, CQB Instructor, and former Perimeter Team Leader. He has conducted many successful real-world operations during his time on the SWAT Team and has graduated multiple commercial tactical, handgun, and carbine training courses conducted by industry experts.

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