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August 19, 2022

Million Dollar Win for Retired Detective

Retired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Detective Costa “Rick” Walton has joined the lucky few to have ever won a million-dollar jackpot.

Rick stopped at a convenience store and saw a lottery ticket that said he could win a million dollars, so he figured why not buy one. Well, he’s lucky he did because that’s precisely what happened. Rick, 68, purchased the $30 million Marker ticket at Flash Market on Old Monroe Road in Indian Trail and told North Carolina Education Lottery News, “it’s one of the happiest days of my life, and I’m almost 70.”

Rick told the Charlotte Observer that he waited until he got home to scratch off the ticket with his wife of 47 years. Rick stated his wife began scratching off the money bag part of the ticket to see how much Rick had won when the letter “MIL” appeared. Rick said his wife then calmly told him, “Rick. That’s. One. Million. Dollars.” Naturally, Rick stated they nearly fainted at that point when they realized it was real.

Rick took home $426,069 after taxes, according to officials. He had the option of a $50,000 annuity over 20 years or a $600,000 lump sum. So naturally, Rick took the lump sum. Rick told North Carolina lottery officials he plans to use the money to pay bills and help his family. Rick told the Charlotte Observer that he has a pension and no significant needs, so he intends to divide the money between his daughter, son, nieces, and nephew.

Rick told lottery officials he’s been playing the lottery for over 20 years and has never won more than $500. “I guess this was my lucky time. I’m just elated.”

Rick beat the odds of 1 in 2.95 million, according to the Millionaire Maker game page. After a lifetime of service to his community, hopefully, Rick can use that money to have a little fun. Congratulations on the win, and it’s worth a shot to ask if there’s any chance you could also adopt me? Hahaha.