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July 19, 2022

Nude Woman Steals Police Car, Runs Over Officer

An officer in Chicago is recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty after a naked female stole his police cruiser and then used it to run over his leg.

Monday morning, Chicago police received a call about a woman lying naked. When police tried to see what was wrong and help the nude woman, she charged and assaulted an officer before jumping into his patrol vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Surveillance footage viewed by the Tribune shows a woman chasing a dark blue SUV and opening the passenger door before the vehicle accelerates, causing the woman to fall in the middle of the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Kostner Avenue on the West Side of Chicago.

It was then that a marked Chicago police car arrived on scene. The officer calmly exited his vehicle and approached the woman as she got up. The woman walked toward the officer, then proceeded to walk past him and immediately got into the driver’s seat of his patrol vehicle. The officer quickly grabbed the woman’s arm inside the driver’s side door. The woman then is seen putting the car in reverse, knocking the officer to the ground.

As the woman accelerated backward, she ran over the officer’s leg and crashed the police car into another vehicle before speeding away. Additional officers responded to the scene and located the injured officer, who was taken to an area hospital, treated, and released.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the woman fled the area striking multiple vehicles before she was eventually apprehended and transported to Stroger Hospital in an unknown condition.