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Street Cop Training

June 21, 2022


Imagine holding a grenade in your hand. If you pull the pin of the grenade and hold the grenade while keeping a firm grip on the grenade and the safety clasp what happens?  Absolutely nothing and the pin can be placed back in the grenade. But what is very close to happening? An explosion!!!!!

The 5 pre-attack/pre-flight indicators listed below are called pin-pulls. They are called this because they often occur prior to someone fleeing or fighting but not every time. Nor is it every time they happen that you’re going to have that explosion as the pin can be placed back into the grenade. These movements of the body materialize often enough prior to someone fighting or running that they should be given great attention when they transpire. Being aware of the following 5 body movements can assist law enforcement and security professionals in knowing when to be on high alert when dealing with people.

Blading – Slight, Prominent, Enhanced 

  • Slight Blade – One foot set back, shoulder on the same side and possibly some torso twisting towards that side as well.
  • Prominent Blade – Person is putting the shoulder towards the person they are speaking with. The prominent blader is perpendicular or near perpendicular to a possible target.
  • Enhanced Blade – Blading with one hand in the pocket, usually the pocket is located on the same side that is furthest away from a potential target. The other hand is outside of clothing and often moving around during speech.
  • Non-enhanced blading when coupled with a balled fist is greater cause for concern. When a person is bladed towards you, you should be on guard for a possible attack and during the enhanced blade that attack could very likely occur with a weapon.

Shoulder dropping back rapidly – If someone’s shoulder drops back rapidly, they could be quickly reaching for their wallet or they could be reaching for the momentum to propel forward with a fist to your face. If you see this behavior and don’t put your hands up for a block or move away, there is a good chance you’ll be dining on a knuckle sandwich.

Looking over the shoulder – Most law enforcement and security professionals are aware this behavior occurs when someone is looking to flee. If you are properly observing a person’s behavior you shouldn’t have any problem missing this cue, however, fleeing is not the only issue with this behavior. Assailants will sometimes look away prior to launching an attack on another person. This deceptive behavior can catch the victim off guard because a person who is not looking at you may not appear to be an eminent threat.

Charging Stance – A person facing towards you with their ventral front who lowers their body in a charging or running stance is very likely forecasting that they are coming for you. When you see this behavior prepare yourself to have to keep balanced.

Pants Lift – The lifting or pulling up of the pants happens when someone’s pants are falling down, they are about to run, and prior to fights. The preparation for battle that occurs when pants are lifted needs to be known by all people that are looking to stay safe in a dangerous world.

Not every time these behaviors occur will the proverbial explosion come to fruition; however, one should still remain on a higher alert to stay safe and stay alive!