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Publishing A New On Demand Course

Step 1

Navigate to the list of Events and then select the Add New option or button.  Follow the next steps to add a new On Demand Class.

Step 2

Start by adding the course name and the course description. Next select the day and time of the event but unlike a typical in person class set the end date out 10 years. Select the instructor from the author drop down.

Tip: Copy the event name so you can paste it in various places throughout the process.

Tip: Clean the description text before pasting it into the site.  You should only paste raw text.

Step 3

Select the instructor from the dropdown.  If the instructor does not exist you will be prompted to create a new instructor.

Set the featured image.

Categorize the event by checking the Name, On Demand and “Course” with the name as the primary category.

Step 4

Tag the event using the Course name.  There is no need to set a venue.

Step 5

Now that you added the event the next part of the process will be to create the tickets that will be sold for this specific event.

Click the New Ticket button.

Step 6

The ticket type for On Demand Courses should be On Demand. Then enter the price and keep the capacity set to unlimited. Next enter the SKU, which will be the course name.

In the Event Options block check Hide From Event Listings.

Step 7

Then under Attendee Information select the On Demand from the field set dropdown.

PRESS SAVE TICKET – The ticket will be saved 

PRESS PUBLISH – The Event will be published

Step 8

In the dashboard navigation go to Products….All Products. 

Find the ticket by browsing through numerous pages or by entering the event name in the Search Products field.  This field will be pulling from the SKU.

Mouse over the product that you are looking for and press Quick Edit.

Step 9

Copy the event name into the Featured Tag field and check three categories; “Course”, On Demand and the Name.

Press Update…..Your event is now active and the ticket is ready to be sold online.