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Robert Ferreiro

Instructor Sgt. Rob Ferreiro has been a Police Officer since 2006 with the New Jersey Municipal Police Department. Sgt. Ferreiro has served on a Federal Task Force charged with disrupting and dismantling large-scale drug trafficking organizations.  He also commands a specialized criminal interdiction task force that is responsible for stopping a wide variety of crimes.

Ferreiro has generated over 400 officer-initiated arrests with the successful prosecution of offenders responsible for the narcotic distribution, conspiracy, and weapon charges, as well as numerous DWI/DUI offenders. Ferreiro has been recognized for some of the largest self-initiated drug seizures in Somerset County, NJ.  He is directly responsible for arrests surrounding the seizure of hundreds of kilograms of narcotics, as well as gun trafficking, high-end automobile theft, interstate organized retail theft, and fraud crimes.

Dan Foster

Instructor Daniel Foster began his law enforcement career in 2011 as a Pennsylvania Police Officer. He has served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Marine Corps and is currently a member of the United States Air Force. Foster is presently employed as a Corporal in the Patrol Division of a Western Pennsylvania municipality where he serves as an SRT Operator, Field Training Officer, and an IACP certified Drug Recognition Expert. He is also a member of the countywide Drug Task Force.

Early in his career, Foster understood the importance of mastering case law to guide his actions in the field. His vast knowledge of case law has directly led to numerous significant arrests and seizures. Viewed as a case law expert among his peers, he is routinely called upon to offer guidance in the field. Foster is a recipient of a National Interdiction Award and has received numerous other awards throughout his military and law enforcement careers. Additionally, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. 

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