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Effective Policing Skills and Tactics

This course is the down and dirty, deep-dive into advanced street level pro-active policing skills and tactics. This course provides the tools and the game plan to the attendee, so they leave at the end of the day and can be an effective police officer against the criminal element, every single shift. The skills and tactics taught here are universal in police work across the country, focusing on elements of criminal behavior that exist everywhere. The attendee will gain a strong understanding of the human limbic system, the driving force behind the behavior changes we are seeing displayed on behalf of suspects in real time. This will be presented in a way that makes it easy to understand and grasp for the attendee so they can apply it immediately to their behavioral analysis.

During the course, the attendee will gain a strong understanding of one of the most critical concepts related to reaction-based policing, distancing behavior. If there is one thing the attendee takes away from the course, it is the understanding of this concept. Throughout the entire 8 hours, the attendee will engage in rapid-fire analysis and discussion of both in-car and body-worn video camera footage as it relates to proactive police work. This will act as a virtual field-training session, providing mental repetitions to the attendee to help become versed in behavior changes by the suspect as they react to police presence in real-time. The majority of this is actual footage from the instructor and his team, supporting what is being taught by speaking to real results experienced from employing the same tactics being taught in the course. The instructor will present the attendees with several, high-risk, critical actions that are at times displayed by the suspect. The attendee will develop problem-solving skills and learn to create contingency plans that they can take with them and continue to build on the rest of their career. This will instill confidence in the attendee, making them feel prepared to dominate encounters and work through higher-risk actions as they come across them.

During the course, the instructor will break down the elements of successful setups while operating a marked unit. Both fixed-setups and roving patrol concepts will be discussed. Not only will the attendee return to their agency with applicable setups, but they will also become versed in target selection and development in a way that will greatly increase the quality of arrests they make upon return to shift. Employing proactive policing skills is inherently more dangerous in nature. To prepare for this, the attendee will be exposed to officer-safety tactics and be provided with plans-of-action for safely controlling stops from start to finish. During the second half of the day, the instructor will provide a step-by-step process for navigating through successfully gaining admissions of PC, consent to search, and how to follow-through when consent is denied. The attendee will learn the importance of recognizing stress indicators and pacifying behaviors in successful proactive policing. The instructor will speak to the vital role of the mentor in proactive policing culture and make a call to action for officers to step up within their agencies and help develop the next generation of street cops. At the end of the course, the attendee will have gained a new-found confidence and skill set, allowing them to become multidimensional in the types of crime they interrupt, reaching their full potential as a proactive officer.

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