Tag: Human Sex Trafficking for Law Enforcement

Human Sex Trafficking for Law Enforcement

Street Cop Instructor Tom Stack will pull back the curtain and give you an inside look at the dark and evil world of human trafficking from the inside out. Stack will give you the tools you will need to go after and take down these individuals and organizations. “Human Sex Trafficking for Law Enforcement” will break down the difference between sex trafficking and prostitution, look at the different places where sex trafficking can be located, identify the characteristics of trafficking victims and the vulnerabilities that lead to their victimization, and learn the difference between a child prostitute and a child sex trafficking victim as well as the different types of child sex trafficking. Stack will show you the inner workings of Latino Brothels and Asian Massage Parlors, and he will teach you where brothels are located, what they look like, who they employ, and how they operate.

Stack will share his experiences working on multiple human trafficking cases and the investigative techniques that were used to find victims and keep them available for trial. Tom will speak about his experience as one of the lead investigators of the United States v. Jeremy Naughton case and discuss in depth the investigation, indictment and trial of Jeremy Naughton. You will leave this course with knowledge of the pimp recruiting grounds and methods of recruitment, how to use the internet as a tool to locate child sex trafficking victims, indicators observed in online prostitution advertisements and posting boards that will lead to possible child sex trafficking victims, and the use of investigative tools like search warrants, subpoenas, preservations letters and single party consent recording.

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