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Tag: Mastering Pennsylvania Search and Seizure – Vehicle Stops and Searches

Mastering Pennsylvania Search and Seizure – Vehicle Stops and Searches

Currently, police officers are being held accountable for their actions more than ever before. Officers cannot possibly know what to do legally when they’ve been relying on “the way we’ve always done it.” Police academies and mandatory update training are no longer enough to adequately prepare officers for the high stress, high liability decisions they must make on a daily basis. Street Cop Training strives to show police officers what they are doing wrong and how to do it right based on prior court decisions.

Intended for Pennsylvania police officers, “Mastering Pennsylvania Search and Seizure” a career changing one-day seminar. The course is designed to show officers what needs to be followed in order to comply with the state’s case law. This course is intended for all officers, from the rookie to the seasoned veteran. An officer’s ability to make informed decisions, in a variety of different circumstances, will ensure they exude confidence while conducting legal enforcement actions. Street Cop Training has selected paramount cases to be known by every police officer. The course will explain them in a practical, entertaining, and easily understood manner. Constantly updated, everything taught in this course was taken from current Pennsylvania law journals and manuals. The student will be given all the sources from where the material for this course was obtained so they will be able to reference cases during their duties. Topics covered include developing reasonable suspicion and probable cause, vehicle search and seizure, K-9 case-law, motor vehicle law misconceptions, criminal interdiction, compelling identification, search warrants, perfecting the use of Miranda and receiving effective waivers, recently updated cases, legal research, and report writing.