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Tag: New York Case Law That All Cops Need to Know

New York Case Law That All Cops Need to Know

The days of police officers relying on “what we’ve heard” and leaning on “we’ve always done it that way” are over! This course is a must-attend course for every police officer in New York State. Students will increase their knowledge of the legal considerations that quide their actions, and will develop the confidence to implement what they have learned in order to help them chart the right course of action when faced with split second decisions in the field.

The course will provide an in-depth refresher on investigative street encounters with real world examples that illustrate the subtle differences between NY’s levels of suspicion under De Bour, which will enable officers to better determine their authority during critical incidents. The course will also discuss car stops and the automobile exception to the warrant requirement, the legal quidelines pertaining to warrantless entries of homes, and what level of suspicion is needed to utilize a canine in certain situations, including what officers can do when they have a positive alert. Along with the legal guidelines, the course will also address tactical considerations and tricks of the trade to help officers put what they have learned to practical use out in the field. Students will also dive into courtroom testimony and trial preparation, as well as learn how to avoid adverse credibility findings that could follow them throughout the rest of their careers. Whether you are a rookie just starting your career, or a seasoned veteran looking to increase your knowledge base, this course is for you.