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Tag: Police Response to Sexual Assault/Child Abuse

Police Response to Sexual Assault/Child Abuse

This course is specifically designed for law enforcement response to an adult or child sexual assault and physical child abuse report. It will also cover techniques used specifically for interrogation of suspects accused of these crimes.

Main Topics:

-Police response to Adult Sexual Assault/Child Sexual Assault and Physical Child Abuse.

-Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Laws and Legal Definitions.

-Adult Victim Interviews.

-Understanding SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) Approach.

-Child Victim Interviews and when to contact Child Forensic Interviewer.

-Signs and Indicators of Physical Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse.

-When to contact Child Protective Services.

-Understanding role of medical personnel in investigations.

-Understanding obstacles faced with Adult and Child sexual abuse allegations.

-Suspect Interview/Interrogation.