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Tag: Rookie to Retirement

Rookie to Retirement

You alone are responsible for the trajectory of your life. Successfully navigating a career in law enforcement is challenging, and preparation for a successful departure after a full, prosperous career can prove to be just as difficult. At every stage of your law enforcement career, you should be tactically preparing for your endgame, and a major part of that preparation should include taking steps to ensure that you make it to retirement. The failure to plan for your retirement at various stages in your career can have dire consequences.

This course provides a roadmap to successfully navigate your career through to retirement, and to ensure a fulfilling life after your departure from the force. Instructor Thomas Walsh will provide a look at how an officer can navigate the potential pitfalls of the career, as well as prepare and plan their departure at the absolute best time for him or her. The course utilizes statistics, relevant current events, real-life experiences, and life-lessons from a twenty-five-year law enforcement career. Attendees of “Rookie to Retirement” will experience an in-depth look at what they should be doing in order to avoid the pitfalls associated with losing the job and steps they should be taking to not just reach the finish line of retirement, but achieve a fulfilling life after your career.