Tag: U.S. Supreme Court Case Law for Law Enforcement

U.S. Supreme Court Case Law for Law Enforcement

Finally, answers to the most common questions that have plagued Police Officers for years. Without knowing what the courts have deemed acceptable procedure, police action is often an uneducated guessing game. We can no longer afford to guess what to do next. Re-Active or Pro-Active, officers must know how to behave in a manner that is constitutionally compliant. We have compiled a list of the most vital cases Police Officers must know. Failure to have this knowledge will inevitably result in embarrassment, evidence suppression, injustice, and is an overall huge safety risk.

We teach cases that give the student a very comprehensive understanding and raises their confidence tremendously. Humorous, exciting, and extremely valuable; this course is designed to be enjoyed by every division and every rank. This course will put an end to common police misconceptions and muster room debates, and will be the most enjoyable and useful classes you will ever attend. We have seen a great progression in Modern Day Policing and Case Law is the foundation to where it all begins.

Everything taught in this course is cited from legal documents that are provided to the attendee. These are undisputed legal court decisions on proper police procedure in a variety of circumstances. This will guide police officers on decision making in the field. A must have knowledge for all divisions, especially supervisory.

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