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September 28, 2022

The Cold Truth: A Former Cop Serves Cops Ice Cream After Shop Refuses

A former Detroit Police Department officer has taken it upon himself to serve some cool refreshments after a Michigan ice cream shop, Cold Truth Soft Serve, controversially refused to serve officers wearing body armor.

In a social media post, Bryan Ede, the former Detroit officer, parked an ice cream truck down the street from Cold Truth Soft Serve and began passing out ice cream. The post read, “#MIAFSgives back strikes again. Free ice cream for the men and women in blue from Michigan Insurance and Financial Services – Utica. Cass and Canfield. Taking care of those who protect us.”

When news crews from the local station questioned Ede, he told them, “I think it’s a way of saying hey, don’t listen to those guys. We love you, keep doing what you’re doing, we appreciate you. It doesn’t go unnoticed.”

As you can imagine, Cold Truth Soft Serve received numerous negative reviews on its Googe and Yelp Pages. A post on Instagram showed a police vehicle parked outside the shop with a caption that read, “We can tolerate the parking, however… we will not serve anyone wearing body armor.” In addition, the store owner Tim Mahoney stated it was “disturbing and unsettling” for families when officers come to the shop wearing “heavy-duty tactical gear.”

There have been no comments on social media regarding Ede and his truck parking down the street from the staff, or Cold Truth Soft Serve owner. The only comments on their posts are citizens continuing to criticize them for their stance on serving law enforcement.

Ede parked the ice cream truck in several spots throughout the day and chronicled the locations in the comment section of his Facebook post. Unfortunately, as Ede was doing his best to give back to the men and women who protect us, a Detroit Police Officer gave everything to his community when he was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Ede wrote a Facebook post about the news, “Just spent four hours today giving out free ice cream to Detroit’s finest, only to have a Detroit police officer killed in the line of duty moments ago. This is why we have to support our police. They do a job most can’t or won’t. Having worn that uniform, it is the most thankless job today.”

Maybe Tim Mahoney, the owner of Cold Truth Soft Serve, will hear of the slain hero and stop to think that maybe there’s a reason police have to wear “heavy-duty tactical gear,” but I honestly doubt it.

Thank you, Mr. Ede, for trying to serve the men and women who serve you. I salute you. Rest in peace to the hero officer who made the ultimate sacrifice for his community. I promise there are more that are thankful for your sacrifice than those who are ungrateful.