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Coupon Codes For Free Classes

Step 1

Go to WooCommerce….Coupons

Step 2

To create a new promotion/coupon code for a Free Class….Enter the code or click on generate coupon code. Adding a short description will help with managing the list of coupon codes.

Select “Fixed Product Discount” from the Discount Type dropdown.  Then enter 100% in the Coupon Amount field.   Select an expiration date if applicable.

Step 3

Select the specific class from the product dropdown field or select a product category if the coupon is valid for a specific course and not a specific event.

Step 4

Do not forget to set the usage limits.  Click usage limits…set the number of times the coupon can be redeemed.  Press Publish or Update.

Step 5

Your coupon code along with the status will be added to the list.

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