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The Rural Beat

Let me lead by saying that Mayberry has never existed before and does not exist now. However, that does not mean that aspects of that fictional world do not manifest themselves. We have talked about rural policing before. It gets brought up occasionally, but it’s never given much afterthought. I know it’s called “Street Cop Training,” so the programs are geared towards urban policing. However, rural cops are still a thing that exists. As a rural cop, I wanted to take a moment and wax poetic about what it’s like to “walk” the rural beat in 2022. 

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Increase In Crime? Solution: Cut Funding to Law Enforcement 

At this point, nothing should shock me anymore. Yet I cannot help but feign a little surprise at the actions of the West Hollywood City Council. Los Angeles is seeing an increase in crime at an alarming rate. The more agencies are defunded and told to fight crime with one arm tied around their backs. The more crime will continue to ascend into the smoggy atmosphere. It is almost as if these actions have consequences, and anyone with a functional brain stem could see this coming. 

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48-hour Shifts: Michigan Police Try Something New

 A small police department in Jonesville, Michigan, is trying something new. A recent job posting by the Jonesville Police Department on the city’s website sought to hire two full-time police officers who would work 48-hour shifts with 96 hours off, as the type of shifts seen at fire departments and emergency medical services around the country.

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Bank Robbers in Washington Flee and Find Out about Pursuits

It has been well established that law enforcement does not pursue in Washington. This is due to the fact of a law that was established in 2021. This law restricts law enforcement’s ability to chase fleeing suspects. Most of us in law enforcement know that there is a time and place for pursuits. Some agencies are laxer than others, but Washington decided to approach with broad strokes and almost wholly banned the practice across the entire state. 

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Million Dollar Win for Retired Detective

Retired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Detective Costa “Rick” Walton has joined the lucky few to have ever won a million-dollar jackpot.

Rick stopped at a convenience store and saw a lottery ticket that said he could win a million dollars, so he figured why not buy one. Well, he’s lucky he did because that’s precisely what happened. Rick, 68, purchased the $30 million Marker ticket at Flash Market on Old Monroe Road in Indian Trail and told North Carolina Education Lottery News, “it’s one of the happiest days of my life, and I’m almost 70.”

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