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Tag: Lifesaving Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement

Lifesaving Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement

Do your officers have basic knowledge of wounding and ballistics? Do your officers know how to properly extract fellow officers and victims to safety? What happens to you physiologically when placed in danger? Were you taught how to use a tourniquet by someone who has never actually used one in the field? The very dry, basic training you’ve received will not suffice in the situations we are addressing in this course. This is the real deal lifesaving course taught by a knowledgeable, experienced and captivating instructor. Upon completion of this course, the attendee will feel extremely confident and possess skills that are invaluable to them, co-workers, and society. This is a course that no one can afford to miss. The cost of not possessing these skills can mean the difference between life and death.

Today’s law enforcement can no longer stand around idly as a mere spectator to a major medical situation. We have to prepare ourselves to be ready to encounter major incidents where quick lifesaving decisions will ultimately save our life or the lives of many. This one-day course was designed to give the attendee the ability to perform such techniques. When every second counts, preparedness and mindset will save lives.

Students will be instructed on how and when to use pressure dressings, tourniquets, NPA’s, thermal covers and hemostatic agents. Students will be instructed on how and when to make emergency moves, carries, and drags in hostile environments. Other techniques in this program include combat breathing, basic body functions, wounding and wounds, projectile energy transmission, tactical awareness, remote victim assessment and human stress responses. The instructor will address fight or flight responses to hostile environments and how to overcome fears through proven techniques.

Officers will learn to adopt the mindset of winning and surviving the fight if wounded in the line of duty. They will be trained on the benefits of being able to self-treat wounds, further enabling them to continue with an offensive response enabling them to win. Every attendee will be issued Bleeding Control Kit, which includes a tourniquet and holder with a shirt guard valued at $50.00.